Industry Insights: The Vajacial Treatment

What is a Vajacial? 

A vajacial is a term coined from the facial treatment. The main difference is location targeted. Instead of the face, the focus is on the vulva and inner thighs. Although the name comes from 'vagina' a vajacial is technically done on the bikini line/vulva, and not the vagina. 

What's the history of Vajacial's? 

The term vajacial has been used for many years by waxing professionals and esthetician's as the way to describe a facial for your bikini line. This type of service has been around for many years, but gained mass popularity and awareness in 2019. 

As you can see in the Google Trends report the Vajacial term has become widespread and is now offered in thousands of spas and salons across Canada and the USA. 

Google Trends &  Statisics for The Vajacial 


Opportunity for Professionals 

If you aren't putting Vajacial on your website or Google listing you are missing out on this type of traffic. As search for "vajacials" and "vajacial near me" skyrockets many businesses are taking advantage. 

Vajacial Near Me


Opportunity for Professionals 

The search for " At Home Vajacials" appears to be growing, but it's at a far lower volume than "Vajacial Near Me". For professional spas and salons this is a great sign, as consumers are looking for vajacials as professional services instead of at home products. 

Vajacial At Home


The Most Common Steps in a Vajacial Treatment 

Getting a Vajacial can be different in many spas, but here are the most common steps we see with our spa professionals. 

Optional: Getting a Wax 

Many vajacial's start with a standard bikini wax. For some a wax can lead to redness and irritation. Because of this a vajacial service immediately following a wax can soften and soothe your bikini line. 

Step 1: Steam 

Most vajacial treatments then start with a steam. This will soften the area and open the pores. 

Step 2: Vajacial Mask 

Adding a vajacial mask, often a hydrogel mask, will soften the skin and relieve irritation and redness 

Step 3: Soothing Oil 

For additional soothing properties you'll want to add a soothing bikini oil, or post waxing oil

Step 4: LED Light Therapy 

As a final step many professionals will do LED light therapy to speed up the healing process. 

Professional Vajacial

Vajacial by Kimberly Avalos of Wax Junkie, one of the leaders in Vajacial Treatments. 

How much does a vajacial cost? 

For clients a vajacial treatment can range in price from $30 to $75, depending on the steps involved. Many professionals offer vajacials, but the steps and tools used vary drastically. 

If you are looking to offer a vajacial service in your professional business here are some costs to consider. 

Pricing Examples 

  • VIP Luxe Vajacial – $95
  • Brazilian + Vajacial – $85 to $95
  • Hydrogel Mask Add On – $25 
  • The “Express Relief” Add On – $29 

How to Offer a Vajacial 

Steaming Tool - Consider the cost to purchase this outright, so you can have it placed in your room. At times these can take up space, so think through where it will be located. 
Vajacial Mask - You'll want to ensure the masks you buy or make will price accordingly into the service. Additionally, you'll want to make sure the step to add a mask is simple and not messy, since you will be in the middle of a service. 
Soothing & Brightening Oil - Look for a backbar soothing oil that you can offer 1 pump to soften the area. This will have a marginal cost into the service. 
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