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  • Marketing Assets

    We've got your covered from printed signage to branded photography you can use on social media.

  • Education Videos

    Through our wholesale portal, you will get acccess to videos specific to products, retailing, and brand messaging.

    New professionals will benefit from monthly brand sessions that review all things Bushbalm from products to merchandising, followed by open Q+A sessions.

  • Customer Service Support

    Our Customer Service Team is here to support the businesses of our Bushbalm Professionals.

    Rest assured you can always ge the help you need when it comes to your order.

How to Sell Bushbalm

How to Position Bushbalm in Your Salon

Your client's waxing results are directly related to the aftercare routine they implement at home.

The more consistnetly your client incorporates our productd into their daily routine, the better their results will be.

Not only do our productds help with ingrown hairs and dark spots, they also help to soften skin and hair - making hair removal easier for you.

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Your most powerful tool is product knowledge. Try to understand the product by incorporating it into your skincare everywhere routine so you can speak to your own expertises.

☑ Include our back bar as a part of your hair removal experience

☑ Our products pop on shleves, give them the proper real estate.

☑ Show off our products' approachable pricing.

☑ Educate on the importance of consistency and routine.

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