February Esthetician of the Month

Meet Monique Haddad

Meet Monique! Monique is a Licensed Esthetician and business owner located in Woodland Hills, California. She’s been in the beauty space for 3.5 years and is passionate about all things waxing!

Check out her Instagram to learn more about Monique and see her playful content.



How long have you been in the beauty industry?

I became a licensed esthetician in November 2020. By November of this year, it will be four years!


What made you want to become an esthetician?

Initially, the beauty industry wasn't on my radar as a career choice, but within a few weeks, I impulsively decided to pursue an esthetician license, a drastic shift from my successful career as a personal trainer. Despite the unexpected change, I was yearning for something more and considering additional income sources. The opportunity arose when the owner of a nearby lash studio, impressed by my work ethic, offered me a position on the condition that I become a licensed esthetician. Despite other career options in mind, I seized the chance, balancing training and esthetician school. Although challenging, it was the best decision, and I fell in love with the industry's diverse possibilities. This journey taught me that passion can be cultivated, sometimes by taking a leap into the unknown.


Why did you decide to start your own business?

Having transitioned from a successful career as a self-employed personal trainer, it was natural for me to apply the same principles in the esthetic field. I seamlessly redirected and implemented the strategies that had worked for me in fitness into my new role as an esthetician. Prior to entrepreneurship, my diverse work experience ranged from a cleaning company and a boba shop to serving, hosting, a brief stint at Verizon, and driving for Uber. My unwavering work ethic, a trait inherited from both my parents and grandparents, seems ingrained in my DNA. Witnessing the relentless pursuit of excellence in my immediate family, I understand that hard work is not just a choice but a way of life.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced while running your own business? How do you cope?

Balancing work and personal life is a constant challenge in my business. Juggling client services, errands, content creation, and maintaining a social media presence can be overwhelming. The fear of losing relevance adds to the pressure, leading to mental and creative burnout. To cope, I stay grateful, maintain a positive mindset, and allocate dedicated time for intentional content creation. Prioritizing self-care through exercise, meditation, and journaling is essential, and aligning activities with my menstrual cycle has proven beneficial. Taking care of all aspects of myself is crucial for showing up as my best self in my business.


What's your favorite service to perform and why?

My favorite service to perform is Brazilian waxes. I am a welcoming, quick, to-the-point, results-driven kind of person. I find pleasure in working swiftly, engaging with clients, and efficiently completing the task. Achieving results is always satisfying, and I absolutely love creating lighthearted, relatable content about waxing. There is no doubt that it is an intimate service that many may shy away from due to fear, or insecurity, so I make an effort to lighten the mood and have fun with it.


What is one business tool that you can't live without?

One essential business tool I can't do without is my booking site, Vagaro. It simplifies and organizes everything, allowing me to concentrate on other aspects of my business. The booking app enables clients to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments themselves. It also manages client records, tracks financial reports, monitors inventory, and more. It’s super user-friendly.


How and when did you discover Bushbalm Skincare? Why did you decide to carry us?

I came across Bushbalm when I was just starting Brazilian waxing, thanks to Kimberly the @_waxjunkie on IG. Being relatively new to the industry, I did not know about bikini aftercare until I saw her posts about this brand. Impressed by her work and consistently amazing results, I trusted her judgment and expertise. Upon exploring the brand, I was also drawn to the ingredient profiles. I understand it might sound cliché, but I genuinely value 'cleaner' products and ingredients.


Which Bushbalm product is most popular at your salon? Why do you think that is?

BERMUDA OIL stands out as the most popular Bushbalm product at my business. Hyperpigmentation is a concern for many people and unfortunately, because it’s not talked about openly, many people who have it, feel like they’re the only one with this skin concern. It’s my job as an esthetician to help clients feel comfortable and confident in their skin and provide them with good quality and effective products.


What do you enjoy most about the Bushbalm Pro community?

I enjoy witnessing the shared passion we have for our field and the genuine care we extend to our clients, all while finding joy in our work. Ultimately, we are all united by the common goal of succeeding in our careers, making a positive impact in our clients' lives, and delivering top-notch services with quality products. There's a mutual understanding that we each have something valuable to learn and gain from one another.


What advice would you give to new estheticians entering the field right now?

View your fellow beauty professionals as sources of inspiration, not competitors. Dwelling in a scarcity mindset, filled with jealousy or resentment towards the success of other estheticians, harms both the community and yourself. We all entered this field to uplift others and support ourselves, and there's room for everyone. Embrace the ethos of self-care, extending it to the esthetician community. Successful individuals focus on perfecting their craft, growing their business, and self-improvement rather than being concerned about competition. Instead of worrying about others, concentrate on your business, create a plan, and dedicate yourself to becoming the best version for both you and your clients. Let go of negative comparisons and work on overcoming triggers.



Join Monique and Wholesale Manager Kiana live on Instagram @bushbalmpro, on February 26th at 12 pm EST/ 9 am PST, where they'll do a deeper dive into the interview questions.

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