October Esthetician of the Month

Meet Ashley Yamauchi

Meet Ashley! Ashley is a Licensed Esthetician located in California but her business, Melted Wax is in Fort Worth, Texas. She’s passionate about all things hair removal, especially Brazilians. Check out Ashley and her business on Instagram!



How long have you been in the beauty industry?

12 years! 

What made you want to become an esthetician? 

Originally I was really into makeup and was thinking about becoming a makeup artist but once I started school I was heavily into waxing and knew that that’s the direction of esthetics I wanted to go into. 

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I hated how the corporate wax centers operated and it became frustrating to work for them. They did not give us enough time in our appointments to ensure amazing results, and really just cared about quantity over quality. Not to mention, they worked us to death. I wanted to continue waxing but I wanted to do it how I wanted it done and didn't want to work for someone else anymore. I knew the only way to achieve this was to open my business so I could create the best wax experience for my clients.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced while running your own business? 

Well, there's been A TON of challenges. It's hard to choose just one, but I would have to say getting into a storefront from a suite was SO hard. There was so much I didn't know or realize until I was deep into the process. It’s still challenging to this day because it's like owning a house – you're responsible for the building now too.


What is your favorite service to perform and why? 

Brazilian Wax! I could literally do it in my sleep. I think it's so easy because you're just following the same pattern almost every time and you're usually taking off all the hair so there's no shaping or anything to do, like you have to do with brows. The results are always great!


What is one business tool that you can't live without?

Besides Bushbalm?! LOL I would say my booking system, Mangomint! I've been through a ton of other booking systems and about a year ago we made the switch to this one and it has made the business run SO much smoother!

How and when did you discover Bushbalm Skincare?

I discovered Bushbalm in November 2020.

What is the most popular Bushbalm product at your location?

Anything Bermuda! Can't keep it on the shelves, it literally flies off the shelves whenever we get a restock!

What do you enjoy most about the Bushbalm Wholesale community?

I love that you guys are all about us as Estheticians and getting information/feedback from us and truly listening to it. That ultimately helps our businesses too and I really appreciate that.

What is one word of advice you would give to new estheticians entering the field right now?

Just go for it! You will make mistakes but you will learn along the way. Looking back, if I knew everything I know now, I would have been even more scared to start my business and might not have even done it. So, trust in the unknown and just go for it. Don't wait until you think you're ready, just take the leap because it'll be 100% worth it.

Join Ashley and Wholesale Manager Kiana on @bushbalmpro Instagram on October 16th at 2 pm EST for a Live in which they will do a deeper dive into her interview questions.

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