November Newsletter

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November Newsletter

Happy Halloween Pros! I hope none of your clients ghosted you this month 👻

We’re about to enter the busiest shopping month of the year so that means you will need to have your retail shelves stocked up. Have you started thinking about the Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions you want to run at the end of the month? 🛍️💸


In today’s edition: 

  • Roller Rescue Refills available NOW 💙
  • November Esthetician of the Month ✨
  • Biggest Sale of the Year – countdown is on! 🎉
  • Holiday Kits coming soon 🎁
  • PK Session for NEW + Existing Pros 👩‍💻


Roller Rescue Refills  💙

You asked and we listened! We originally planned to launch the Roller Rescue Refills in 2024 but after seeing how much you all love the product, we decided to speed up production and get the refills in your hands EARLIER. 

You can now shop our Roller Rescue Refills here


Q: Why did you decide to do refills?

A: At Bushbalm we are committed to sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. We understand that your clients wouldn't want to constantly re-purchase and dispose of the well-designed stainless steel applicator so we introduced refill options! Refills use less packaging and resources, reducing the impact on the environment. By choosing refills, you're helping us contribute to a more sustainable future.


Q: How long does the refill last?

A: Each product typically lasts approximately 3 months, but the actual duration may vary depending on the area of use and frequency of application.


Q: Can I recycle the empty bottle?

A: Yes, these bottles are designed to be recyclable. Once you have used up the product, please make sure to rinse the empty bottle to remove any residue. Check your local recycling guidelines to ensure you recycle it properly. We encourage responsible disposal to help protect the environment.


Q: How do I change the refill packaging?

Changing the refill packaging is a simple process. First, make sure your product is empty or close to being empty. Then, follow these steps:

a. Remove the empty product bottle from its holder or packaging.

b. Purchase a refill package from our website.

c. Insert the refill into the empty bottle, following the provided instructions or guides.

d. Secure the refill in place and ensure it's properly sealed.

e. You're all set! Your product is now ready for use.




November Esthetician of the Month 💗

Meet Breanne! Breanne is a Licensed Esthetician located in Staten Island, New York. Breanne has been in the beauty industry for over 14 years and is known for her incredibly fun and adorable wax videos and jelly mask pics on Instagram

Dive into Breanne’s interview questions here to learn more about how she went solo after working for a large waxing chain for 8 years. 

Join Breanne and Wholesale Manager Kiana on @bushbalmpro Instagram on November 20th at 2 pm EST for a Live in which they will do a deeper dive into her interview questions. 



On Your Radar

Our BIGGEST Sale of the Year 🎉✨: 
Mark your calendar for November 3rd as we are running our annual Stock Up Sale on Bushbalm Pro. There is no better time for you to purchase Bushbalm as we have offers you won’t be able to resist. Sign up here to receive more details on our sale. We run this sale early so you can run your own Black Friday promos at the end of the month. 

Frosted Cranberry Moving Fast ❤️ :

We’re so excited to have launched our 3rd limited edition scent of the year, Frosted Cranberry Ingrown Hair Oil. Inventory is selling through faster than we expected so be sure to get your hands on the limited offer of Buy 10 Get 2 Free before it sells out. Be sure to check out our Frosted Cranberry Photo Dump – these images are here for you to use for your own marketing! 

Frosted Cranberry

Holiday Kits dropping this month 👀 : You all loved our Two-Step Bermuda Holiday Kit last year so this year we’re bringing it back in updated packaging and adding Two-Step Nude to the mix. These Holiday Kits are perfect for your clients who are looking to give the gift of an ingrown hair-free holiday this year.


Upcoming Events 

Instagram Live 🤳 – November 20th: Join Breanne and Wholesale Manager Kiana on @bushbalmpro Instagram on November 20th at 2 pm EST for a Live in which they will do a deeper dive into her interview questions. 

Product Knowledge Session 👩‍💻 – November 27th: Join Bushbalm Pro Account Manager Meaghan to learn the basics of all things Bushbalm on November 27th at 1pm EST. She will cover everything you need to know to feel confident about retailing our product line. Sign up here and get on the list. 

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