October Newsletter

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October Newsletter

Happy October Pros! Fall is here and that means colder weather and dryer skin. Make sure you’re educating on the importance of hydration to your clients.  

In today’s edition: 

    Roller Rescue Assets & Recap

    Without a doubt, our Roller Rescue Launch has been our biggest product launch with the most excitement. On the launch day, we sold a record number of bottles, just over 2500 units during our Early Access.

    We always launch to our Pro’s first and we cannot wait for you all to get your orders in. We’re confident that once Roller Rescue hits your shelf, your clients will immediately snatch it up. 

    We have some Roller Rescue Resources you don’t want you to miss:

    October Esthetician of the Month 💗

    Meet Ashley! Ashley is a Licensed Esthetician located in California but her business, Melted Wax Studio is located in Fort Worth, Texas. Check out Ashley and her business on Instagram

    Dive into Ashley’s interview questions here to learn more about how she has been able to sell over $40,000 worth of retail products this year. 

    Join Ashley and Wholesale Manager Kiana on @bushbalmpro Instagram on October 16th at 2 pm EST for a Live in which they will do a deeper dive into her interview questions. 

    We Made Too Much - Up to 75% Margins

    Due to overstock, we are offering huge discounts on two items! For the first time ever enjoy a 75% off margin on both the Nordic Dry Brush and Unscented Body Wash only for the month of October!

    Check out the cost breakdown and understand the profit you could make on these products with the additional discount. 



    What you pay per unit

    What you charge your clients

    Your profit 

    Nordic Dry Brush 

    $5.25 USD/$6.75 CAD 

    $21.00 USD/$27.00CAD 

    $15.75 USD/$20.25 CAD 

    Unscented Body Wash 

    $4.75 USD/$6.00 CAD

    $19.00 USD/$24.00 CAD

    $14.25 USD/$18.00CAD 

    On Your Radar 

    New Scent Coming Soon

    By now you know that Bushbalm’s Product Development Team is obsessed with playing around with fun scents to fit the season. They’ve been listening to our Pros and created a product specifically for the holiday season. More information coming your way in mid-October. 


    Hydrogel Vajacial Mask 1-Year Anniversary

    Can you believe that it’s already been one year since the launch of our Hydrogel Vajacial Mask? When we launched it last October, we were hopeful that the Esthetician community would love the product but obviously, we were a bit nervous. Fast forward to now, the Hydrogel Vajacial Mask has become one of our top-selling products thanks to all of our Pros! To celebrate an amazing first year, we are running a Vajacial Campaign from October 9-15 so keep your eyes peeled for an incredible deal you don’t want to miss. 


    Social Media 101

    Did you miss our Social Media Webinar led by our In-House Esthetician Kim the other day? No sweat, we have it saved here so you can access it whenever you want. In this webinar, Kim went over the following topics:

    • Why should you care about social media marketing?
    • Content you should focus on posting
    • How to film the best content 
    • How to get your clients to agree to make content
    • Canva 101 
    • How to market Roller Rescue to your clients


    Upcoming Events 

    Tradeshow October 1-2 – Premiere San Antonio

    We are so excited to be attending Premiere San Antonio for the first time in October. Our Booth number is 2648. If you’re attending, please come and say hi! We’d love to meet you and chat. 

    Instagram Live October 16 

    Join Ashley and Wholesale Manager Kiana on @bushbalmpro Instagram on October 16th at 2 pm EST for a Live in which they will do a deeper dive into her interview questions. 

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